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Christeyns Cole & Wilson also developed HiGlo, a unique, all-round dry cleaning solvent with excellent cleaning effect and neutral
smell. It is an innovative alternative for perchlorethylene.

  • Brings you bright colours, a soft feel and easy finishing
  • Works smoothly in all types of multisolvent machines
  • Leaves a great touch on treated textiles
  • Is gentle for your textiles and your operators


Perfect cleaning performance

HiGlo operates great in all types of multisolvent or hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines, without pushing the machine to the edge of its performance. It is compatible with all types of filtration systems such as spin disks, cartridges and powders.

HiGlo has been tested for over 18 months in many different machines, both in the field and at the manufacturer’s. It showed excellent cleaning results, both with hydrophylic soils (water -soluble) and lipophilic (fats, oils, greases) soils.


Gentle on textile and people

HiGlo is a gentle solvent. It is only aggressive on stains, while keeping whites and bright colors like new. After cleaning, the textiles are not dried out or overly wrinkled and are easy to finish. On top of that, the solvent does not leave any unpleasant odours. Cleaning with

HiGlo requires a normal process time of 50-65 minutes. The entire HiGlo cleaning process has been verified by CTTN, an independent public interest Research Institute for Textile Cleaning.

As demonstrated in the graph below, textile shrinkage levels are extremely low, and well below the maximum allowed 2%.


A great touch

After cleaning with HiGlo, the textiles have a pleasant touch : they feel more smooth, more flexible and there is a feeling of added fullness. Hardly any pilling or roughening is seen on the cleaned garments. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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